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Hi, I'm Kirstie Stockx, I'm an educator that specialises in personal wellbeing for mums with young kids.

I’m an author, speaker and mentor for mums who want to feel confident and happy.

Life with young kids can be hectic and the concept of self care can be misleading. Self care is much (much) more than a nice hot bath and some me-time.

As I was researching my book, Self Care for New Mums, I realised there are four areas of practical self care that help mums to feel happy, confident and relaxed. These areas are known as the MAMA Method:




Ability to Connect

My big vision is to create a self care tribe that stretches far beyond Australia and is filled with mums that are supporting each other to be confident, happy and relaxed.

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"A lot of people mistake self care for a nice hot bath or even a few minutes alone from the kids to eat some chocolate like a ninja in the pantry... these pleasures are nice but they are a short term solution. They don’t solve any real issues."

Kirstie Stockx


I have recently published my first book called 'Self Care for New Mums'.

I'm currently working on my second book. I also maintain an engaging blog and guest-write for a number of mum related sites.


I speak about many issues that are near and dear to the hearts of mums with young kids. I am especially passionate about practical self care and I strive to generously share strategies that will immediately help the mums present.


I work closely with mums that feel they need someone to hold their hand as we implement ways to improve their life.  I'm passionate about providing mums with practical advice and motivation that gets the desired result.

A Practical Four Step Guide for First Time Mothers

What others have to say...

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"Kirstie describes the 4 phases most mums go through, and it’s a relief to read something like this out loud. For any individual about to become a new parent, or even one that has been down the journey before this practical guide can only add value, confidence and happiness in your journey.

Dr Patricia Vlahek, mother and founder of Hume Osteopathic Clinic


"In the time I've known Kirstie, I've seen how she has inspired, supported and encouraged other women (including Mums) to believe in themselves and realise they can be who they want to be. Her advice is practical, real life and positive. Kirstie is inspiring to me as a Mum and women in business "

Sam Spence, mother and founder of Executive Virtual Associate. 


"Kirstie’s passion for self-empowerment shone through each page. She is a shining example of how motherhood can be a transformational experience and has generously shared her method with new mums.”

Cherie Pasion, mother and founder of Connected Mama and author of It’s your birth…right?

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A Practical Four Step Guide for First Time Mothers