100 Family Time Activities with Young Kids (21 to 40)

This challenge is one of the best things we’ve ever decided to do.

My husband works long hours and before this challenge time would pass, like it does, and we would hardly see him or get the chance to spend time as a family. These simple activities brings us together and helps us to feel more connected than ever. Our oldest daughter cheers when we mention that it’s family time. Feeling connected and loved is the root of self care and personal wellbeing (externally and as well internally).


Without further ado…continue reading to hear about our 21st through to the 40th family time activities with young kids (of 100 challenge). (Click here for activities 1-20) 


21. Bowling

We decided to go bowling… hubby’s idea… let’s just say that I had more gutter balls than I would like to admit. It’s was lovely though… Miss A (3.5 y) really shined. Little L (6m) happily watched and enjoyed the atmosphere.

22. A Big Family Holiday

We recently went on a family holiday and it was brilliant. I haven’t posted about our ‘100 family activities’ in a while…. mainly because I wasn’t sure if our family holiday was worth only one mention or do I break it into smaller components? I could of posted about the plane, then the crazy little boats, and also the beach. Honestly, we did so much together as a family, I could of shared countless photos/posts. I decided that less in more in this case.

If you can get away on a family holiday, I definitely recommend it.

23. Grow some snowpeas and strawberries 

The kids love getting out in the garden. Snowpeas are easy to grow and my girls love munching on them.

24. Make a Ginger Bread House

Miss A (3.5y) is growing up so fast… this activity was well within her abilities. Little L (7m) on the other hand, was determined to get her hands on the house for more destructive purposes.

25. Camping (Far away from home)

Camping! Oh wow! This was an amazing trip. We found a nice little caravan park situated amongst the Tarra Vally Rainforest. There were waterfalls within walking distance and a short drive to the beach. The weather wasn’t perfect but we still had a fabulous time.

Miss A (she’s almost 4) is starting to understand what this camping caper is all about. At the campsite she spent most of her time on her scooter, hammock or blowing bubbles. Little L (8 months) loved being outside, the challenging part with her was trying to stop her from eating… well, everything… leaves, dirt, grass and even sand was on the menu.

Both girls slept well… must be all the fresh air, extra activity and their little bodies aligning with the natural light.

26. Inside Obstacle Course 

We had a stack of fun making obstacle courses in the lounge room.

27. Home Made Movie

Making a movie and letting the kids take the lead. Hahaha… fun yet challenging.

28. Learn a new skill

We played down the lake and practiced the age old tradition of helping Miss A (almost 4y) master a big girl bike. She did surprising well… before we knew it she was riding a little too far and a little too fast for my personal comfort. The rest of us enjoyed the sunshine, walking and admiring Miss A’s pure joy of learning a new skill. This will definitely be treasured as a favourite memory.

29. Camping Adventure (close to home)

Sometimes camping close to home is better with young kids. We found a treasure of a campsite about 30-40 minutes from home (Mount Alexandra). Miss A (4y) was thrilled to be roasting marshmallows for the first time. Little L (10 months) continues to crawl around and taste everything she can.

30. Bush walking

It was a glorious morning. We slowly made our way along an active water channel. The water was high, fast and hilly which made way for some pretty amazing waterfalls. Miss A (4y) loved it, Little L (10m) slept most of the way and Miss S (our dog) had the most fun.

31. Earth Hour

Earth hour was more like Earth 33 Minutes… we have young kids…. need I say more! It was fun to enjoy a meal by candle light (fajitas are awesome) and equally as fun to attempt to explain Earth Hour to a four year old. Honestly, it was a wonderful reminder to talk about and appreciate the environment and earth’s resources.

32. House of Mirrors

We checked out the ‘House of Mirrors’ art display. We LOVED it! We danced around and laughed at each other getting all muddled in a maze of mirrors. We diffidently recommend it.

33. Bendigo Easter Festival

All in all… it’s great for young kids. We loved it!

34. Made our own Snakes and Ladders Game

Last night, after dinner we played Snakes and Ladders (we made the game board earlier in the day). It was fabulous fun… we also personalised and customised the game to incorporate some silliness. This would definitely have to be one of our favourites.

35. The Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum has a new section dedicated to young kids. It was fabulous and cheaper than expected too.

36. Family biking adventure

We finally received our new bike called a Taga 2.0… It has 2 kids seats in the front. Hopefully lots of family rides are in store for us.

37. Bendigo Discovery Centre

It was awesome! Kids under 5 are free too #winning

38. Movie night 

The kids had matching PJ’s too… complete fluke. We had to start super early… you know… young kids and all. We watched Inside Out… It was great!
We all enjoyed ourselves, the blankets and being silly. At one point… during a sad part… we had everyone on the couch… I mean EVERYONE… including the dog.

39. Family Destination Bike Ride

We loved this one… soooooo much! I enjoyed the lovely scenery on this sunny winters day. We rode the bike track that runs from Bendigo along the creek towards Spring Gully to the Spring Gully General Store. We bought some yummy hot drinks and let the kids play on the playground. It was about a 10 km round trip. I had both girls on our Taga family bike, Hubbypants on the mountain bike and Sweep (our dog) was running.

40. Bendigo Rocks

During the week we painted some rocks and today we jumped into the bikes and rode to 4 different playgrounds in central Bendigo. We looked for painted rocks and hid some of our own too. Bendigo rocks is a new group that encourages painting and hiding rocks for others to find. It’s fabulous fun!


We love this challenge, it has improved our lives in so many ways… and that’s why I’m challenging YOU to join us. Will you and your family be able to complete 100 different family time activities with young kids?


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