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Archive for January 2017

4 Tips to Overcome Mama Overwhelm

My husband came home after being away for 4 days. I craved a micro-break, some peace and some uninterrupted adult conversation. I jumped in the car without any plans. I called a friend and asked if she was interested in a child-free walk around the block. She agreed.   As we were walking, I marveled…

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Seriously Effective Selfcare: Four Key Areas

There is a myth out there that self care is getting a little alone time. Needless to say, self-care is currently all the rave, especially in the parenting community.   But what is self-care? A lot of people mistake self care for a nice hot bath, or a hot stone massage, or a few minutes…

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#NoJudging movement is hurting mums in Facebook groups

I’m a member of a few parenting Facebook groups and I’m seeing an alarming new trend. Mothers are scared of posting raw meaningful posts (due to a fear of backlash) and simultaneously mums are hesitant to respond for fear of being labeled ‘judgy’.  On a surface level…I can see that the #NoJudging movement sounds like a…

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