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Archive for May 2018

Stuck Inside? Entertain Kids with These Fun Activities

With all the things we take care at home, with our husband and the kids, us moms should always be prepared. A well-planned day or week keeps the stress away and keeps our emotions at bay. I hope you would find these tips helpful for your kids and yourselves as well.   There’s nothing quite…

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3 Tips for Mums To Improve Their Body Image

In my experience body image concerns do not discriminate across gender or age. As a Clinical Psychologist, I have worked with many people experiencing body image concerns. This has included men and women of varying ages, jobs, marital status, fitness levels, etc. This has made me realise that body image issues can affect any one…

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What do I need right now? In the moment self-care

As mothers, we’re great at asking what our children need right now. Are they hungry, cold or tired? Do they need a hug, reassurance, some quiet time, or a chance to run around outside? But how often do we ask “what do I need right now?”. This is an incredibly valuable self-care question.   This…

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