Self Care for New Mums

A Practical Four-Step Guide for First Time Mothers






  • Chapter 1: Getting Your Gratitude Grove On
  • Chapter 2: Getting To Know Yourself & What You Value
  • Chapter 3: Retrain Your Neural Pathways



  • Chapter 4: Listening To Our Beautiful Bodies
  • Chapter 5: Allowing Our Bodies To Heal
  • Chapter 6: Effects Of Stress On The Body



  • Chapter 7: Becoming The Master Of Your Time
  • Chapter 8: Getting The Home Organised
  • Chapter 9: Getting Organised With Your Parenting Choices
  • Chapter 10: Get Those Goals Out Of Your Head



  • Chapter 11: Connecting With Others
  • Chapter 12: Connecting With Your Family
  • Chapter 13: Connecting With Your World



Self Care for New Mums
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‘As a practitioner I will certainly be suggesting this as a must read for my pregnant ladies.’ - Dr Patricia Vlahek, Author of ‘Back O Back Pain’

‘A shining example of how motherhood can be a transformational experience.’ - Cherie Pasion, Author of ‘It’s Your Birth... Right?’


As we embark on the journey to become a new mother we are usually excited and overjoyed. But what surprises many of us is the relentlessness of motherhood. The overwhelming responsibilities, the endless to-do lists and the loss of our personal identity.

You’re not alone and there is another way.

Grounded in science, Self Care for New Mums helps to create con dent, calm and happy mothers by exploring four key areas: Mind, Body, Organise and Connection.

Each chapter includes simple and practical activities to guide you to a space where you can nurture a sense of self while being the mother you want to be.




Kirstie Stockx is a qualified educator that uses practical tools and strategies to help mothers enjoy their transition to motherhood and beyond. She works with mums to feel con dent, calm and maintain a sense of self. Kirstie is the founder of Self Care for Mums and has
been supporting women with personal development
and self care since 2007.


“New Mum is a great read for women who have recently had a baby or about to. Filled to the brim with information, stories and practical examples, Kirstie’s passion for self-empowerment shone through each page. She is a shining exampleof how motherhood can be a transformational experience and has generously shared her method with new mums.”

– Cherie Pasion, founder of Connected Mama and author of It’s your birth…right?

“Self Care for new mums helped me to find confidence as a first time mother. Knowing that my challenges were normal and my struggles felt by many other new mum’s out there made me feel reassured and helped me to get through the rollercoaster that is the first few months of motherhood. It was lovely to read something that focused on me as a mother, not just another parenting how to. Kirstie’s simply put advice was easy to understand, practical and made sense! I highly recommend this book to all new mums."

–  Anna Rookes, mother and teacher.

“My transition into motherhood was disorientating, chaotic and overwhelming. As my baby grew and things got a little easier I felt a desperate need to reconnect with myself. Self Care for New Mums provided guidance for me to reflect on my new role as a mother, my values and desires, and get in touch with my new self. The simple exercises and tools have given me direction when needed, and helped me ease into a life I love – both as a mother and a woman following my passions.”

– Shae Hellstedt, mother and passionate gardener.

“Self care for new mums is a refreshing look on the real journey of a new mother. In the introduction Kirstie describes the 4 phases most mums go through, and it’s a relief to read something like this out loud. For any individual about to become a new parent, or even one that has been down the journey before this practical guide can only add value, confidence and happiness in your journey. And the activities at the end of each chapter even give you the opportunity to action these steps, not just read and put the book down.  As a new mum myself I wish I had this to turn to during those confusing and overwhelming times. I look forwards to having it as my go to point with my new baby on the way.

As a practitioner I will certainly be suggesting this as a must read for my pregnant ladies. Working on mind, body, being organised and connecting with others are very much the pillars of establishing a journey full of more smiles and being present. They grow up so fast, cherishing every moment is a gift.”

–  Dr Patricia Vlahek, mother of two and Osteopath