The calendar mums are raving about!

Our beautiful AUTUMN Calendar is GORGEOUS!

Have you heard of the Lazy Organised type? I haven’t either, I actually made it up but it defines me perfectly… haha!

I have an equation of sorts. What is the least amount of effort required to set-up a system that will make life a HEAP easier? If the reward isn’t significantly greater than the effort, it’s not worth my time.

As mums, I’ve found that #MamaOverwhelm and #MentalLoad are a thing.... and few of the guilty contributors are;

  • the million things we need to remember and keep track of
  • meal planning/shopping
  • communication of important dates and appointments
  • not making time to focus on our relationships with those we love (including oneself)

I’ve been working on an awesome and extremely simple and effective system to solve these hassles.

It’s similar to a calendar but it’s way different, better and amazingly easy to use. It’s seasonal which means that it’s less work compared to monthly calendar and less overwhelming compared to annual.

It’s layout is out-of-this-world simple.

You’ll love it!

Every aspect of this calendar is filtered through the following:


Does it help mum recharge and replenish her cup?


Does it improve communication and relationships with those we love (including ourself)

Mama Overwhelm

Does it help to reduce the mums mental load and overwhelm?

Untitled design-15

EVERY calendar purchased contributes to an amazing cause


I’ve decided to donate money from every calendar sold PANDA and the amazing work they do. PANDA is a fantastic service helping new parents with depression and anxiety. I’m absolutely thrilled to be launching my largest charity campaign and supporting such an amazing cause.

To learn more about PANDA click here. 

You're going to love this because it...

Comes with a community

Feeling connected and supported is essential. That's what makes our group so awesome. Our group is hosted on Facebook and we chat about a great many things that are centered around self care for mums, including this insanely awesome calendar.

has an incredibly simple and unique layout

This calendar was created out of necessity. As a busy mum with small children, I needed something designed that is far more efficient and effective compared to a regular calendar. The layout is genius and made to be flexible and versatile.

is so much more than a calendar

This calendar is not only designed to make life easier for busy mums with small children. It's more than that. It combines all the essential elements of self care, including nurturing positive relationships with our partners, children and ourselves.

What's included?

1. Calendar Size

You can choose your preferred size between Digital, A2 or A1

2. Draft copy

So you can sit down with the family and play around with a draft version first

3. A digital copy

Just in case you want to have another crack at it

4. Professionaly Printed

On premium 180gsm paper

5. Short and Focused Videos

To help you get the most out of your calendar

6. An Amazing Community

A friendly bunch that enjoy sharing hints and tips in an incredibly supportive and inclusive way

7. Stickers

Our stickers include date night, love bombs with the kids, secret period tracker and other awesomeness

8. Donation to PANDA

PANDA is an amazing cause helping new parents across Australia

Calendar can be purchased between $11 and $45 depending on the options you select