I’m here to bring some desirable clarity to all of you mama’s out there who feel like you’re living a life of Groundhog Day. Do’t feel ashamed, it happens to all of us! I want to help you to find clarity, balance, and scope, so that you can organise and master your busy mama mind. Now let’s quickly recap on what actually happens so we are all on the same page.


So you’ve been getting decent sleep for a little while. You’ve been on top of things, and generally nailing that daily mama life. And then all of a sudden, you have a restless sleep with your little one/s and that’s it, you wake up like you’ve been run over by a giant watermelon, you feel like you look ten years older, and you have no idea what the plan was for the day. Nevertheless, you roll out of bed because you have to, and you start the day.


Sometimes days like these can lead into a week-long mess of the house being out of order, meals not being quite as exciting as usual, and any schedules you have being compromised, not to mention that sacred “me-time” which can turn into washing clothes and dishes. Now this all comes down to being tired, and not having a plan for these inevitable moments of motherhood.


The organisation essentials that you MUST have in place for times like these, come all down to being able to compartmentalise your mummy duties, mummy desires, and mummy schedules. Your MAMA MIND is the thing you need to master, because it is in the mind that you can either get confused about what you are meant to be doing all day, or you can overcome the confusion by getting on with the basic daily mum targets. So here’s the plan girls:




Pick a time when you do feel refreshed to approach this step. You need to sit down one day with a hot cup of tea, and think about what you would ideally like your days to look like. The thing about this mum job is that it has much longer, unpredictable hours than your basic 9-5. So it’s very important that you don’t think about it in a 9-5 manner, or you will all too quickly become overwhelmed with your role as a mum, and quite frankly, you will feel ripped off, underpaid (literally), and exploited.. Life is different when you’re a mum, and you need to look at your new life from the perspective of ‘small shifts’. Here’s an example of a Toddler Mum’s basic shift breakdown:


  • Morning – breakfast, load of washing, get out and about for the morning with your little one.
  • Nap Time – Get as much done as you can, as well as getting a small break for yourself.
  • Afternoon – Keep your child busy around the house, and tidy/clean as you go.
  • Evening – Dinner, Bed Time Routine, and Bed for the little one.
  • Me-Time – If you’ve stayed focused all day, you should be able to wind down completely at this time of night, and you must make this time sacred.


If you have a younger baby, or more than one child, your day might look different to the above, but one thing we all have in common, is that our days can be broken down into sections. If you can figure out your ‘sections’, you are on your way to clarity. Be open to changing schedules and routines, and be willing to re-look at your ‘sections’ and update them.


Now if you want to delve further, you can actually organise your sections into sections! For example, if you have a toddler, your mornings and afternoons may look similar. They both involve a toddler being awake and looking for something to do. I like to organise my morning section into outdoor play activities, and my afternoon section into indoor educational activities. Give it a go!


Clarity as a mama is all about understanding your new life, accepting it, and then embracing it. It is different, is is hard, and there are definitely moments that don’t feel fair. But what gets you through each day and each week, is that you understand what’s involved, you keep positive and excited about it, and you make sure that you get that “me-time”, even if it is far less than you used to enjoy. If you feel like it’s not enough, you need to find the joy in the moments with your child, as further recharge to your personal wellbeing. Channel the happy moments into your heart throughout the day. This will work wonders for you!




Mama balance is all about applying your clarity on motherhood, practically and reasonably. You need to be kind to yourself. You can’t get everything done in one day, because you no longer have the time or capacity to do that. You need to balance everything you need and want to get done, throughout the week, and you need to be ok with that. Here are some essential organisation tips for Balance:


  • Distinguish the Week from the Weekend. Focus on Monday to Friday for all of your cleaning duties and errands, so that you do feel a more relaxing and enjoyable vibe when the weekend hits. This is really important for your sanity. In the same way, make time for the more time consuming outings on the weekend, instead of the weekdays. Keep your week day outings simple, like going to the park, the shops, a play date, or arts and crafts at home.
  • Pick one bigger weekly Cleaning Duty to do each day (Monday to Friday). At the end of the week, you will have your 5 major cleaning duties done! This is reasonable and practical, because you can’t dedicate one entire day to cleaning anymore. You also have a LOT more general cleaning and tidying duties every day just to maintain your house.
  • Give each day of the week a Theme. You can bring balance to your week by enjoying a variety of activities with your child throughout the week. For example, one day might be Swimming Day (Swimming Lessons), and another day might be Creative Day (Arts and Crafts). Theming your week days will stop you from feeling overwhelmed about all the things you should be doing with your little one/s, because you are focusing on one a day, and across the week, you are achieving all of those goals.




This one is important guys. And this is where we will address that Groundhog Day issue. Yes, it is inevitable sometimes, that even if you are doing your days well, they can blend into one giant year of spin cycle. To overcome this feeling of boredom, you need to have things to look forward to. Things that mix it up and keep it real. So here’s my organisational essentials for Scope:


  • Have a Year to View Calendar, and make it pretty! At the start of the year, sit down and map out your year. This part of your planning is exciting, because it has nothing to do with the daily mama repeats. It’s all about the different events that you have to look forward to. Start with important birthdays, so you can get excited about upcoming birthday parties. Then schedule in some short getaways, and maybe a bigger holiday. Do you have any personal goals, hobbies, or projects you are working on? Schedule in some deadlines for yourself, to keep yourself on track for the year.
  • Now that you have a visual scope with your Year-to-View, you can start Micro Planning these events when you feel like it. Do this regularly so that you can keep in mind the things you are looking forward to, and remind yourself that they are approaching. Everyone needs to have a vision, and your life as a mum can be exciting too.
  • Scope isn’t just about your overall year view. It is also about your overall day view. A very beneficial practice is to Plan Your Day, before you go to bed. Not only does this make you feel calm and organised, it takes the buzzing thoughts out of your head, and encourages a better sleep.


There’s not doubt about it, that #mumlife is overwhelming and intense. It’s complex and the above can’t always be applied. But if I could leave you with one thing that I know you have time for, it is to take care of yourself. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if there are toys everywhere and you aren’t on top of the laundry, just make sure you are on top of you. Kids don’t see the mess, they see their mama and they want to see you happy.

Hi i’m Courtney, a natural mama living the plant-based lifestyle in Australia with my little Isla Sun-mi and husband Matty. I’m a successful business owner and Environmental Educator, with a double degree in Environmental Science & Management, and a Diploma of Education. I have always been proactive about health and wellbeing. My passion is teaching people about the wonders of the ocean and how we can learn life lessons through the beautiful analogies that are found in nature. Let me show you how to organise your mum life, nature school your little ones, and have a healthy & happy family. 

Learn more about Courtney by checking out her website: www.courtneybeth.com.au

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  1. Jodie brown on April 12, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    This is really helpful with tons of practical advice on how to actually achieve it! Thanks

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