Money is stressful, especially when there isn’t enough.
It’s a common underlying issue for many relationship struggles, hence why it relates to mums and selfcare and why I want to talk about it. .
The truth is often families with young kids feel the financial strain!
When we have small children, we have less income and more expenses. We usually go from two incomes to one and we choose to spend more than before, mostly on the kids.
We also don’t talk about money.
It’s strangely associated with shame, guilt and secrets.
And… It should most definitely be talked about…
So, I want to talk money… and beer!
I have a beer analogy that I want to share with you. You can thank my husband for this one. He was getting tired of the old cream analogy and I decided to speak in his language. Beer ??
So, here goes… every week our glass is empty. We fill the glass with beer and a full glass covers all basic living costs. Only then, once full, you can work on the froth… the extra little bit that makes life sweet.
You see, the froth pays for the life’s nonessential delights. Clothes. Swimming lessons. Takeaway. Holidays. Chocolate. Movies. Yoga. All the fun stuff.
I’m going to be honest with you. We often are unable to fill the glass to begin with.
Our glass is skinny too… we have a very tight budget of basic living costs. A glass that isn’t full creates debt and each week we fall a little further behind.
We LOVE numbers and we enjoy forecasting. We know with a few changes we’ll be okay. We know our numbers and we’ve caught this early without any serious financial harm.
My question for you…. Do you know your numbers for your basic living costs? Are you able to pour a nice beer with a good head of froth?
If you have a half empty glass and you’re using a credit card to get some frothy goodness… beware of bad debt… it has a nasty bite in the years to come.
My MamaWisdom for you… know your basic living costs, fill that glass… get creative and make more froth.
Your family will thank you
and the extra holidays together will be worth it.
#thisisselfcaretoo #reducestress #livewithinyourmeans

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