Mama Circle (Bendigo Area)

Join Kirstie Stockx in a small group setting in the Bendigo area for some sanity saving, cup filling fun with other like-minded mums.

Mama Circle

Motherhood is often spoken about as a beautiful and magical experience...

Then, suddenly, we are hit in the face with the relentlessness of raising young kids! It begins with mama overwhelm and definitely doesn't end with mama guilt.

It doesn't have to be this way... you CAN love motherhood!

If you're feeling mama-overwhelm, mama-guilt or you've lost your sense of who you are... then this is for you.

Mama Circle is about helping YOU to feel confident, self-assured and loved as you navigate motherhood. 


I identified that mothers are often facing three significant challenges;

Mama Overwhelm
Mama Guilt
Loss of sense of self

Introducing Bendigo's Mama Circle

Raising young kids is one of the biggest life changes you'll ever face. It can be relentless and hectic and hard... but it doesn't have to be!

That's why I have created this unique series. Mama Circle is especially designed for you... to move you from a place of feeling overwhelmed, guilty and lost to loving motherhood again. Mum's will leave the Mama Circle feeling confident, self-assured and loved.

Mama circle includes 10x1 hour sessions spanning over a 10 week period.
 Each session is carefully divided into three parts: 

Debrief and connect

Connecting and sharing with other mothers in a safe, supportive and optional way is valuable.

This is an important step as connection is vital to personal wellbeing and in addition, realising that we are often facing similar challenges as we raise young children.

Tools and Strategies

Throughout the 10 weeks we'll complete a variety of short and engaging activities aimed to promote positive changes about how we regard and enjoy motherhood.

Each activity is designed to encourage confidence, feeling self-assured as well as loved (and appreciated).


Each session will conclude with a beautiful meditation or visualisation especially targeting the challenges those in our small group are facing.

Each meditation will help move your belief patterns away from overwhelm, guilt and loss of self towards feeling confident, self assured and loved.

Mama Circle about helping mums to feel;

Self Assured

Mama Circle

Expression of Interest Term 4
  • Small group setting: To maintain the vibe, the energy and value, seats will be limited to eight women.
  • Each session will include:

    Debrief, Connect & Chat
    Practical Tools & Strategies from the Mama Method
    Concluding with a Meditation tailored to mums with young kids
  • Location: To be confirmed, it'll be in CBD Bendigo
  • Dates: 10 consecutive weeks starting in the first week of term 4
  • Time: 5:45pm until 7:15pm