Mama Circle Program

The Mama Circle Program that everyone is talking about.

Mama Circle

As mums, we are often surprised by the relentlessness of raising young kids! It begins with mama overwhelm and definitely doesn't end with mama guilt.

It doesn't have to be this way... you CAN love motherhood!

If you're feeling mama-overwhelm, mama-guilt or you've lost your sense of who you are... then this is for you.

Mama Circle is about helping YOU to feel confident, self-assured and loved as you navigate motherhood. 


Mums are stretched thin and it presents itself in these three ways;

Mama Overwhelm
Mama Guilt
Loss of sense of self

Introducing The Mama Circle Program

Raising young kids is one of the biggest life changes you'll ever face. It can be relentless and hectic and hard... but it doesn't have to be!

That's why I have created this unique series. Mama Circle is especially designed for you... to move you from a place of feeling overwhelmed, guilty and lost to loving motherhood again. Mum's will leave the Mama Circle feeling confident, self-assured and loved.

What do mums have to say about the Mama Circle Program?

Working with Kirstie during the Mama circle has helped me immensely in everyday life. She has given me practical tips to help me fill my cup fully so I can be the best mum to my boys, given me tools to help so that when mama overwhelm hits I can manage it better. She has also helped me to over come my PND and anxiety which I will be forever thankful for. The mama circle is the best investment you can make for yourself and for your family.  Jade Budde, Mum of two boys and founder of Beautiful Beginnings 

Kirstie designs an excellent tool to inspire you to imagine, create and achieve your goals. I have been creating vision boards with Kirstie since 2007 and have a 95% success rate achieving my goals. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your endless support.  Jules Hecker-Hasler

Each session is carefully divided into three parts: 

Connect and debrief

Connecting and sharing with other mothers in a safe, supportive and optional way is valuable.

This is an important step as connection is vital to personal wellbeing and in addition, realising that we are often facing similar challenges as we raise young children.

Tools and Strategies

Throughout the 5 weeks we'll complete a variety of short and engaging activities aimed to promote positive changes about how we regard and enjoy motherhood.

The curriculum includes 9 steps that will guide you through the four principles of the Mama Method.

Each activity is designed to encourage confidence, feeling self-assured as well as loved and connected.


Each session will conclude with a beautiful meditation or visualisation especially targeting the challenges those in our small group are facing.

Each meditation will help move your belief patterns away from overwhelm, guilt and loss of self towards feeling confident, self assured and loved.

The chosen meditation complements the actives completed in the curriculum.

- The Curriculum -

Together, We explore the four principles of the Mama Method


This program will explores the principles by taking you through 9 easy steps:

1. I am worthy
2. Mind Matters
3. When Sh!t hits the fan
4. Fuel, Play and Breath
5. My Beautiful Body
6. My Dreams Matter
5. Live Simply
8. Fabulous relationships
9. Let's Celebrate

Mama Circle

$220 Term 4
  • The Mama Circle Programs includes:

    5 Sessions and each session includes;
    - Debrief, Connect & Chat
    - Practical Tools & Strategies from the Mama Method (9 easy to follow steps)
    - Concluding with a Meditation tailored to mums with young kids
  • Location:

    The Exchange, Bendigo or The Wine Bank, Bendigo (TBC)
  • Dates:

    5 consecutive weeks starting on Monday October 30th
  • Small group:

    To maintain the vibe, the energy and value, seats will be limited to eight amazing mums