Mama Method Discovery Session

It's time for you to focus on YOU!


Are you feeling overwhelmed and lost?

Or perhaps you feel like the world is going at full speed and you're stuck?

Maybe you've forgotten who you are or you're carrying a whole pile of mum-guilt?

Do you feel that your life is hectic, stressful and could be so much better?


My Mama Method Discovery Session could be just what you need. 

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Hi, I’m Kirstie Stockx founder of Self Care for Mums. I’m a qualified educator and consultant that specialises in personal wellbeing and self care for mums that are raising young kids.

Last year I published my book called ‘Self Care for New Mums: A Practical Four Step Guide for First Time Mothers' and I have been working with mums ever since.

I help mums to move from a place where she may feel overwhelmed, plagued by mama guilt and lost her sense of self, I help her to take steps, implement tools and strategies to learn how to love motherhood again. The mums I work with leave feeling more confident, self-assured and loved (and appreciated at home).

If you resonate with this... continue reading. 

I identified that many mothers are often facing three significant challenges

Mama Overwhelm

It's the relentlessness of raising young kids that wears mums into a state of overwhelm.

Mama Guilt

The modern parenting landscape has created a place where mothers are constantly feeling guilty.

Loss of Sense of Self

Many mothers report that they feel lost, non-existent and that they have lost their identity as they transitioned into motherhood.

Introducing the MAMA Method

Overcoming these common motherhood challenges is what I'm passionate about. This is why I have been developing 'The MAMA Method' for mum's that want to feel fabulous during this special time.

Self care that provides lasting relief is much more than some me-time.

Effective self-care is practical, easy to implement and deep dives into four very important areas:

The Mama Method is divided into Four Key Areas:


Understanding how your mind works gives you the knowledge and insights to help work with your mind instead of against it.


Mum's often have bodies that need an opportunity to heal, learn about simple strategies that encourage a quicker recovery so mum can get back to doing what she loves.


Our home is filled with many ways to save time and make things easier; implementing simples hacks can give mums more spare time and energy.

Ability to Connect

In the modern parenting landscape, feeling connected to your community, family and especially yourself is vital to personal wellbeing.

Mums that that have established strong skills in the four areas of the Mama Method often feel more...


They feel confident and relaxed. They feel like they can overcome any challenges before them.

Self Assured

They have the time to do things they love, strategies that safe time and the mind-set to cope with responsibilities that appear out of no-where.

connected & Loved

They feel connected to those around them. They feel that they have an identity that's theirs alone.

How does it work?

If you are interested in learning more... book a session with me below.

The purpose of the Mama Method Discovery Session is to learn more about each other. Do we connect? Do I believe I can truly help you? I do not work with mums that I don't feel I can help. It's a chance for me to get to know you a little more. It's an opportunity for you to ask me any questions that you may have.

During the session I will ask you questions and we will establish how you're going in each of the four sessions of the Mama Method. I will also share some practical tools and strategies that you can implement immediately in an area/issue/challenge that you would like some support with.

Mama Method Discovery Session

  • 45 minutes via Skype, phone or in person
  • Safe, supportive and friendly conversation
  • Kirstie will guide you through the 4 areas of the Mama Method
  • You will leave with some practical tools and strategies
  • After the session you'll feel uplifted and motivated

What others have to say about the Mama Method Discovery Session...


"Learning about self care from Kirstie has been invaluable. The MAMA method she uses in her one on one sessions are amazing. I can now see the areas I'm doing well in and the important areas I need to give a little more attention to. I highly recommend Kirstie's Mama Method Discovery Session"

Jade Budde, mother and founder of Beautiful Beginnings - Postpartum Services

A Practical Four Step Guide for First Time Mothers