My Story


Why I do what I do

When my beautiful daughter was born (the first of two daughters), she was extremely wakeful and cried or breastfed continually for the first six months or so.

I was an exhausted mess desperate to be a good mum. I needed support and I quickly learned that much of the support available was baby focused.

Although, I was lucky in a way… I had been running personal development groups for years while I was studying my Bachelor of Education at Latrobe. I had skills and knowledge I could draw upon.

I combined my love of personal development and the challenges motherhood. I saved my own sanity by being proactive, mindful and learning the art of delegating and asking for help.

Then… one day, when I saw my friend struggling with motherhood, it became absolutely clear.

I had a wealth of knowledge that I just HAD to share.

To help other mums like me.

I’m all about helping mums ditch overwhelm and reclaim her vibrant self.

That’s why I do what I do.

Where I started from

When I made the decision to share my thoughts with the world, I started the journey by researching and interviewing mums. During this time, I had way too much coffee chatting with mums at various cafes. These connections were made both in person and online and I connected with over 500 mothers throughout this time.

This lengthy process confirmed my suspicion that confident happy mums have developed strong skills in four key areas, later to be know as the Mama Method. These areas included Mind, Body, Organise and Connect.

I then began and huge task of writing about these four key areas. I’m embarrassed to share that our home became increasingly un-tidy as I addictively used almost every chance to write.

I eventually and proudly published my first book called ‘Self Care for New Mums: A Practical Four Step Guide for First Time Mothers’ late in 2015. A huge feat!

What I'm passionate about

I’m most passionate about the intersection between personal development, motherhood and education.

This is because much of the support currently available is baby/child focused, that is important, but mums are often left to fend for themselves. I'm all about helping mums with mum-focused kick-ass content and support.

The Mama Method has grown to include the original four key areas (now known as principles) as well as six clear steps to take mums from a stressed-our place to a calm, happier and healthier space.

You’ll often see me delivering workshops, teaching and running online programs centered around the Mama Method content. I have a strong online presence and I LOVE connecting with mums and going deep into mum-life and self-care.

My big vision is to create a change in the modern parenting landscape where mums lift each other up, support and celebrate. Together we'll move away from the mummy martyr fad and create a healthier more vibrant community.

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"Kirstie describes the 4 phases most mums go through, and it’s a relief to read something like this out loud. For any individual about to become a new parent, or even one that has been down the journey before this practical guide can only add value, confidence and happiness in your journey.

Dr Patricia Vlahek, mother and founder of Hume Osteopathic Clinic


"In the time I've known Kirstie, I've seen how she has inspired, supported and encouraged other women (including Mums) to believe in themselves and realise they can be who they want to be. Her advice is practical, real life and positive. Kirstie is inspiring to me as a Mum and women in business "

Sam Spence, mother and founder of Executive Virtual Associate. 


"Kirstie’s passion for self-empowerment shone through each page. She is a shining example of how motherhood can be a transformational experience and has generously shared her method with new mums.”

Cherie Pasion, mother and founder of Connected Mama and author of It’s your birth…right?

A Practical Four Step Guide for First Time Mothers

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