Hello Beautiful Mama,

Would you like to be apart of ‘The Self Care Mama Projec (Facebook Group)’…. it’s something truly amazing… can you feel it. This is a movement that’s bringing mothers together that are living (or wish to live) intentional lives. We are gathering and supporting each other to create an awesome life we love.

This group is for mothers that have young kids, this is because life with young kids is different to any other time of our lives. It’s crazy, hectic, hard and also extremely beautiful and rewarding. Our needs throughout this time are unique. 

In this group we celebrate our differences as we all grow and change and move towards our own perfectly imperfect life. Self Care is so much more that a hot bath or a massage, it’s about having a holistic view of self care which leads to long lasting, rewarding results.

I have found through speaking and working with mothers that those that feel confident and happy have developed strong skills in four key areas. This group draws on the Mama Method:

M – Mind You
A – Amazing Me
M – Made Easy
A – Assemble

A little more information about the MAMA Method: 

  • #MindYou: Understanding how your mind works gives you the knowledge and insights to help work with your mind instead of against it.
  • #AmazingMe: Mum’s often have bodies that need an opportunity to heal, learn about simple strategies that encourage a quicker recovery so mum can get back to doing what she loves.
  • #MadeEasy: Our home is filled with many ways to save time and make things easier; implementing simples hacks can give mums more spare time and energy.
  • #Assemble: In the modern parenting landscape, feeling connected to your community, family and especially yourself is vital to personal wellbeing.

I will be running Facebook LIVE and posting regularly to give us the opportunity to dive deeper into elements of the MAMA Method.

This is a safe, warm and welcoming environment for mums with young kids that want to focus a little more on their personal wellbeing.

Click here to join our beautiful project 

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