Seriously Effective Selfcare: Four Key Areas

There is a myth out there that self care is getting a little alone time. Needless to say, self-care is currently all the rave, especially in the parenting community.


But what is self-care? A lot of people mistake self care for a nice hot bath, or a hot stone massage, or a few minutes alone from the kids to eat some chocolate like a ninja in the pantry. Don’t get me wrong… these pleasures are nice but they are a short term solution. They don’t solve any real issues.


What is meaningful self-care that actually works?


Self-care that benefits personal well-being and provides lasting long-term needs to be holistic. From working with mothers, I have found that mums that feel confident, happy and relaxed has mastered skills in four key areas. I refer to these four areas as the MAMA Method.


  1. The M in the MAMA method stands for Mind You. It focuses on mindset, mental health and your neural pathways.
  2. The A in the MAMA method stands for Amazing Me. This key area is all about treating our bodies with respect and love, listening to our bodies and fueling our bodies with nourishing foods.
  3. The second M in the MAMA method stands for Made Easy. This is all about making the processes in our life and home streamlined. It involves taking mums responsibilities and home environment and making them as easy and stress-free as possible.
  4. The final A in the MAMA method represents Ability to Connect. This is all about finding ways to connect with the world, those around you, your partner, your children and most importantly yourself.

By nurturing, learning and implementing strategies that are aligned with the MAMA method, you’ll have a greater chance at feeling fabulous, balanced and also self-confidence in your ability to raise your children.


I love Love LOVE working with mums. I help mums create a fabulous, relaxed and confident lives for themselves.


If you know any mamas out that are feeling blah, stuck or overwhelmed, please share this with them. If your feeling overwhelmed, please reach out to me by sending me a message or checking out how I help mums.

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  1. Sarah Donald on January 15, 2017 at 9:53 am

    Oh, I love this. I’ll definitely be sharing this.

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