Stuck Inside? Entertain Kids with These Fun Activities

With all the things we take care at home, with our husband and the kids, us moms should always be prepared. A well-planned day or week keeps the stress away and keeps our emotions at bay. I hope you would find these tips helpful for your kids and yourselves as well.


There’s nothing quite like the look of disappointment kids get when they are off from school but the weather is bad enough to keep them inside. To describe it, the words “disappointed” and “devastated” come to mind, but they pale in comparison to actually seeing it. Kids are made of excess energy that needs to be released. If it’s raining, snowy, or simply gross outside, they can go crazy being stuck indoors.


Instead of plopping your little ones in front of the television hoping it’s enough to entertain them for the day, help them have fun with these cool indoor activitiesthat are as educational as they entertaining. You can join in on the activities with or just set them on the right path and take some time to relax and care for yourself. Self-care is important for parents because it allows you to be at peak form when your kids need you.


Try these awesome indoor activities to help entertain your children on bad weather days.


Teach Them a Card Game

Every family has their own special card game. Teaching your kids how to play your favorite one is a great way to pass on a family tradition while bonding. Plus, there are plenty of benefits to a game of cards.  They stimulate the mind and help improve hand/eye coordination. They help teach kids about strategies and math applicationsincluding probability and statistics. And, of course, they are fun!


Conduct a Science Experiment

As much as kids whine about school, they really do love exploring subjects and learning new things. A great way to spend an afternoon that really exercises the brain is by conducting a science experiment like the classic Make-Your-Own Elephant Toothpaste.


In this experiment, you combine common household ingredients hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and dry active yeast to create an exothermic reaction that results in topsy-twisty foam that kids love. You can also add food coloring or glitter to make it more artistic. Or, you can try theMake-Your-Own Glass of Lavaproject. Using water, vegetable oil, salt, and food dye, your kids can create their own blobs of lava inside a clear glass container.


Learn a Dance

Dancing isn’t just fun, but a great way to burn off excess energy. You can find all kinds of dance tutorial online from the Electric Slideto hip-hoproutines. Not only will this help keep kids active, but it also helps develop their listening and instruction following skills. Dancing is also great exercise that increases your child’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina.


Build a Town with Blocks

Whether you have a collection of Legos or classic wooden blocks, use the materials you have on hand to create a world of your child’s own. You can pick out certain types of buildings and businesses you want in your town: a bakery, a firehouse, a school… whatever your child can think of. This activity is great for stimulating the imagination while also developing STEM skills. Someday, your child may graduate from an engineering program and you can point out how you stoked their interest back in the day with this fun filled activity!




Don’t let a rainy day get you down! Your kids can learn and have fun by encouraging entertaining and educational indoor activities that will help the hours fly by. From an old-fashioned card game to learning the Electric Slide, these activities stimulate the imagination and teach your kids to make their own fun instead of rotting their brains in front of the television.

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