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Mums LOVE how Kirstie has helped them and have shared some beautiful testimonials for you. 


"Working with Kirstie during the Mama circle has helped me immensely in everyday life. She has given me practical tips to help me fill my cup fully so I can be the best mum to my boys, given me tools to help so that when mama overwhelm hits I can manage it better. She has also helped me to over come my PND and anxiety which I will be forever thankful for.
The mama circle is the best investment you can make for yourself and for your family."

Jade Budde - attended a workshop series with Kirstie

‘As a practitioner I will certainly be suggesting this as a must read for my pregnant ladies.’

Dr Patricia Vlahek, Author of ‘Back O Back Pain’ wrote this after reading Kirstie's book

After attending one (or more) of Kirstie's workshops...

"Had my first Mama Workshop today & it was right up my alley!! The vibe & support was beautiful, I instantly felt like it was a safe place to share & that I could be myself. It was a beautiful 3hr self care workshop with Raw Treats, Herbal Tea, kombucha, mini spa treatments (Facial/orMassage) & a gorgeous guided meditation from the radiant Kirstie Stockx herself!! We all were gifted her book (self care for new mums) which was even signed (my first signed book EKK) so all in all it was a breath taking experience & one to be not missed again. I love the connection I felt with the people there & can't wait to build myself up with those I choose around me!!"

Tessica Pearce 

"Absolutely loved it! Great to take some time out and the meditation voice... wow!"

"The path to self care is a hard one but Kirstie made it easy to understand through by using The Mama Method. I'm excited to start to find myself again! The workshop incorporated a massage and pampering was just awesome. "

Amy Tarrant

"Kirstie designs an excellent tool to inspire you to imagine, create and achieve your goals. I have been creating vision boards with Kirstie since 2007 and have a 95% success rate achieving my goals. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your endless support."

Jules Hecker-Hasler



"Everyone was so welcoming & I found the content so wonderful, I could relate to a lot of it so well.
Thank you very much for this beautiful experience"

Tessicia Pearce 

HumeClinic_62 (1)

"Kirstie describes the 4 phases most mums go through, and it’s a relief to read something like this out loud. For any individual about to become a new parent, or even one that has been down the journey before this practical guide can only add value, confidence and happiness in your journey.

Dr Patricia Vlahek, mother and founder of Hume Osteopathic Clinic


"In the time I've known Kirstie, I've seen how she has inspired, supported and encouraged other women (including Mums) to believe in themselves and realise they can be who they want to be. Her advice is practical, real life and positive. Kirstie is inspiring to me as a Mum and women in business "

Sam Spence, mother and founder of Executive Virtual Associate. 


"Kirstie’s passion for self-empowerment shone through each page. She is a shining example of how motherhood can be a transformational experience and has generously shared her method with new mums.”

Cherie Pasion, mother and founder of Connected Mama and author of It’s your birth…right?