The Self Love Workshop

The much anticipated workshop mums are raving about!

Self Love

Oh... tired mum... I hear you! Motherhood can be exhausting... the relentlessness is just that... bloody relentless! The overwhelm and guilt is real.


What if I told you that it's not hard to enjoy motherhood again, to REALLY enjoy it. To feel loved, and cherished. To feel balanced, motivated and confident in your decisions. To feel healthy and vibrant with energy.


I would like to introduce you to an indulgent workshop designed to celebrate YOU.


The SELF LOVE workshop is the perfect balance between relaxing day spa goodies and an engaging curriculum.


The workshop content explores the four key principles of the Mama Method and does this by guiding you through 9 easy steps. 

Mums are stretched thin and it often presents itself in these three ways;

Mama Overwhelm
Mama Guilt
Loss of sense of self

Introducing The SELF LOVE Workshop

Looking after yourself can be tricky... especially as a mum with younger kids. I know too well how hard it can be to prioritise time for YOU.

However... SELF LOVE is vital if you want to be an amazing mum, a positive roll model and simply be available (emotionally and physically) for those that you care most about. It's also vital you YOU... because your worthy too.

The good news... I've made it easy for you...

The SELF LOVE Workshop with share simple strategies that you can use to immediately improve your life.

You'll leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and motivated.

This workshop in the process of partnering with beautiful day spa
to create a truly memorable experience

The 4 Principles of the Mama Method

9 Easy steps that guide you through

Day Spa - Mini Treatments Included

- The Curriculum -

Together, We explore the four principles of the Mama Method


This program will explores the principles by taking you through 9 easy steps:

1. I am worthy
2. Mind Matters
3. My Super Power
4. My Beautiful Body
5. Eat, Play, Love
6. My Dreams Matter
7. When Sh!t hits the fan
8. Loving Others
9. Loving Me

The SELF LOVE Workshop

Expression of Interest for this workshop
  • Small Group: To maintain the vibe, the energy and value, seats will be limited to eight women.
  • The SELF LOVE Workshop includes:

    - The curriculum: 4 key principles of the Mama Method delivered through 9 easy to follow steps.
    - Day Spa (Mini-treatments).
  • Location: To be confirmed: It'll be in the Bendigo area at a local Day Spa.
  • Dates: TBC - Most likely during to approaching school holidays.