The life of working mothers, who are always trying their best to achieve the perfect balance between work and home can become very hectic and chaotic.

As one such mother, I say that it can get pretty hard sometimes. You’re wondering what I mean by hard? Imagine a lady cooking dinner. She holds a pan in one hand and a phone in the other. There are a bunch of papers on the table – the monthly report that must be ready for tomorrow morning. There is a laptop opened nearby and a kid sitting on the table complaining about the homework. Add a screaming baby to the picture and you’ve got it all. All this leaves you with hardly any time for yourself, but there is one amazing solution to the problem and that is gardening.

Gardening is an amazing activity. Through gardening you can learn things like patience, mindfulness and persistence. As well as that, the garden is a great place to relax when you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s also great for spending some quality time with the family. True gardening lovers know what I mean, but people who haven’t spend the perfect day in the garden probably won’t understand. Therefore, I would like to introduce the two most important reasons why you should try it.


For your children

Through gardening you can give your kids some extremely valuable life lessons. From gratitude, through learning from their mistakes, to never giving up and many, many other things. Including your kids in gardening will not only teach them those lessons, but also will help you spend some quality time together. Kids see gardening as a game and what better way there is to learn? All you have to do is to win their attention. Personally, I recommend to introduce them to a gardening task, which is not too complex, but engaging. A good example is planting. Gardening is hard and there is a little change that they will succeed with the given job on the first try. Thus, they’ll gradually get better and learn from their own mistakes. As well as that, they will learn to appreciate things more, because they’ll have to earn them. They will also learn patience, while waiting for their plants to grow. And most importantly they’ll learn that not everything in life can be bought with money. This is will happen when they finally get the chance to taste the fruits of their labor and realize that that’s the most delicious food they’ve ever tasted.


For yourself

As a working mother, I can say I sometimes get the feeling that I’m thinking about everyone and everything, but myself. Gardening is the one thing that gives me time to spend with just myself. It doesn’t matter what I’m going to do in the garden. Whether I’m fertilizing, pruning, planting or simply relaxing in my hanging chair I feel so connected to the nature, to the surroundings, to the present moment. This is actually described as mindfulness and people often pay a lot of money for meditation courses in order to achieve it. And me? I’m simply going out to my backyard and enjoying my garden. The best part is that my husband can’t complain that I’m taking the time for myself because I can always say “Heeey, I’m doing gardening tasks.” 😉 *joking*


If you’re a working mother like me, don’t be modest. Appreciate yourself and find the time to relax. Take a break from time to time. Find your way to do that and don’t feel bad about it, because you deserve it. If you haven’t tried gardening, please, do. You’ll find out that it’s not just a physical work, but also a great experience for your mind.


My name is Jane Clarke. I’m working as a Content Writer for Fantastic Services Australia. You can check our facebook page here. I also manage the Fantastic Gardening Sydney site. 

I love writing, gardening and travelling. I adore the ocean, good music and of course, my two children.



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